The Über / Haltung / Unter [German pun containing terms such as about/attitude/under] dialogue format unites dance professionals and experts from other areas such as neuroscience, architecture, philosophy and other fields of art. Together with the public, they talk about topics relating to dance but with cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary relevance. In particular, the TanzDIALOGE events, which are also accompanied by workshops, make it possible for a public, which has so far had few experiences in the field of dance, to gain an insight into the creative processes and working methods of dancers and choreographers. In order to break down fear of contact and extend access to the art form, TanzDIALOGE will specifically be taken to places where there have so far been no encounters with dance.

The feedback and the knowledge from the interactive encounter will also help dance professionals to broaden their perspective and integrate new impulses and ideas into their work. The new meeting platform can therefore show that dance is more than just aesthetic movement and that dance professionals do not only occupy themselves with the body and its forms of expression. Dance should consequently become more visible as a component of art and culture in the minds of people in Leipzig, and a general understanding of contemporary, experimental dance and associated dance processes should be established.
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Interactive DanceDIALOGUE with Post-organic Bauplan

Saturday, 25.06.2022 | 9 p.m.

With: Josefina Maro & Salvador Marino

Moderation: Charlie Fouchier & Noah Jacobi

Language: English

(c) Thomas Puschmann

Autotomy:The time of the Chimera

“Society is building bodies to perform, to work hard, to be masculine or feminine.”

Together with Josefina Maro and Salvador Marino, the two heads of Post-organic Bauplan, we will dive into their research on how social constructions influence our perception of the individual and collective human body as natural creation.

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Place: LOFFT – Das Theater

Spinnereistraße 7 Halle 7, 04179 Leipzig


Listening. Dance. Brain Cycles
Laurent Chétouane (Choreograf, Regisseur) & Tommaso Tosato (Neurowissenschaftler)
Sa 20. October 2018 | 20 Uhr | Residenz (Schauspiel Leipzig)
Hörende Körper [Listening Bodies] | Workshop with Laurent Chétouane
Sa 20. October 2018 | 13-17 Uhr |Tanz Zentrale Leipzig

Denken mit der Hand [Thinking with your hand]
Anna Gohmert (visual artist) & Stephan Krohn (neuroscientist)http://4fuertanz.de/projekte/ueber-haltung-unter-vom-zentrum-fuer-bewegliches-denken/2-denken-mit-der-hand-workshop-mit-anna-gohmert/
Fri. 16 November 2018 | 6.30pm | LOFFT in der D22 | Demmeringstr. 22, 04177 Leipzig
Denken mit der Hand [Thinking with your hand]| Workshop with Anna Gohmert
Sat. 17 November 2018 | 11.00am- 3.00pm | LOFFT in der D22 | Demmeringstr. 22, 04177 Leipzig

Towards Embrace / Lecture Workshop
Darko Dragičević (media artist, film maker, performer) &Joséphine Evrard (choreographer)
Fri 14 December 2018 | 7.00pm | Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (ballroom)


sponsored by Kulturamt der Stadt Leipzig